Dom Hélder Câmara chair in Contextual Biblical Interpretation

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The Dom Hélder Câmara Chair in Contextual Biblical Interpretation
The interpretation of canonical texts in intersectional processes of meaning making is central to the manner in which societies imagine themselves and discern a way towards their own improvement. Such interpretation of the Christian Scriptures is a key aspect of the legacy of Dom Hélder Câmara. Studying such practices of interpretation recognizes the various socio-economic, socio-cultural, ideological, and religious factors that shape traditions and practices of interpretation and, therefore, employs a combination of empirical, historical, exegetical, and theological methods. Emphatically intercultural in its outlook, such research and teaching analyses reading practices of “real readers” in a variety of contexts both abroad and in the Netherlands. The chair continues a long-standing tradition of research and teaching in transformative interpretation of canonical texts in the Christian tradition and ensures the use and further development of existing intellectual capital at this faculty, as well as its societal valorization. The chair will have a specialization in New Testament studies and will be co-director of the Centre for Bible and Contexts. In that role, the professor will also coordinate the program Bridging Gaps, which enables non-Western students to further their studies in the fall term each year.

Tasks and Requirements
The profile of the chair and the required qualifications can be obtained from the secretary to the chair of the selection advice committee ms D. Roeleveld (

Further particulars
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