Gospel Training Post At Johannesburg Bible College

The Johannesburg Bible College is looking for a trainer to help us further our vision of equipping and inspiring men and women for Bible teaching ministries. As a college we run a one-year classroom based course that trains pastors, apprentices and church members to understand God’s Word and effectively communicate it to others. Our training is based at two campuses in Johannesburg and Soweto, and we have sister works in Zimbabwe and Malawi. We also train in a number of other locations as the needs and opportunities arise.

Our student body is diverse. Some students come from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds, others are wealthy; some have degrees, others never finished school; some come from small churches, others from churches of 1000s; some have been Christians for years, others are new to the faith. We typically train students from a range of countries across Africa. Teaching them is enjoyable, challenging and stimulating.

This ministry at JBC requires a range of commitments, convictions and abilities, including:
• Commitment to the growth in depth of the church in sub Saharan Africa
• Evangelical and Reformed in theological convictions,
• Commitment to the development of dynamic expository teaching within the local church
• Some experience of teaching core Christian beliefs and Biblical exegesis to others
• Completed the Cornhill Training Course or similar
• A degree in theology
• Commitment to living a godly and prayerful life
• Ability to work with people from a variety of theological and cultural backgrounds
• Flexibility to meet the varied demands of the role and the particular challenges of ministry in
South Africa

The candidate will be part of our vibrant team and involved in teaching a variety of courses on different campuses. They may be required to travel occasionally elsewhere in Africa, and help in the shaping of how the college grows. The college would seek to use all skills that a successful candidate could offer to enable the work of the college and the candidates own ministry to thrive.

The candidate will be expected to be self-funded and to commit to JBC for at least three years.

More information on JBC, along with student testimonies, can be found on our website: www.jbc.org.za

If you are interested please email the principal, Nat Schluter on jbc@schluter.info or info@jbc.org.za

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