New Testament Studies Lecturer at Presbyterian Theological College, Victoria, Melbourne

Faculty Position Available

The Presbyterian Theological College [PTC], the ministry training college of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, is seeking a lecturer in New Testament Studies. The PTC is a reformed and evangelical institution that has a vital role in developing, disseminating and supporting faithful gospel ministry in Melbourne, regional Victoria and beyond. The Victorian Assembly, through the Theological Education Committee [TEC], the body entrusted with the oversight of the College by the Assembly, is looking for a faithful Christian, academically able in the disciplines of Greek and New Testament studies and with experience in pastoral ministry, who can help students understand the New Testament in its context, locate its teaching in the flow of biblical theology to fulfilment in Christ, preach it as God’s Word and defend it from recent attacks (such as the New Perspective on Paul). A lecturer at the PTC will also have a role as a theological resource to other ministers in congregational ministry.

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